Stephen and Lachlan at Dove Lake in front of Cradle Mountain

Position: 41°11.363’ S 146°22.138’ E - Devonport (Mersey Yacht Club)

Lachlan practicing map reading on our walk through the national park

Stephen became adept at creating things from cardboard - the only spare materials on board!

Stephen, Lachlan and Rachel on the walking trail

A wombat

Stephen and Lachlan observing an echidna in the wild

The gravestone of William and Mary Margetts - Craig’s great-great-grandparents

Wynyard memorial to WWI soldiers, including Captain Ivor Margetts - the only Australian officer to serve the entire Gallipoli Campaign

Stephen and Lachlan with day-old calves at a farm we stopped by.

Kerry with Janelle Linger - a relative living in Burnie