Bluglass anchored next to us in “Bum’s Bay” just inside the Gold Coast Seaway entrance at dawn.

Position: 28°38.247’ S 153°40.244’ E - Abeam Cape Byron

Position: 27°57.038’ S 153°25.281’ E - Bum’s Bay


Breakers on the Iluka-Yamba bar - yesterday it had been smooth!

Coral spawn in the water after athe recent rainfall

Stephen with an ice-cream on watch - essential foods only!

The southern wall of the Gold Coast Seaway

3m swells building up to roll into the Seaway

Close-up of the same photo - look at the tiny amount of freeboard - no wonder boats get swamped and rescue workers have to work so hard!

Energex Medivac from VMR Raby Bay heading back out after lunch to continue the search