The crew - back home after circumnavigating Australia!

Stephen, Lachlan, Kerry, Craig, and of course Rhett

Position: 27°29.851’ S 153°17.142’ E - Crossing our own line!

Position: 27°27.179' S 153°11.544' E - RQYS

Our last glimpse of open sea as we passed the Seaway Entrance

Miss Behaving following our lead through the Broadwater and up to Moreton Bay

Pelicans standing on the water?  Sandbanks on either side!

Miss Behaving going around a North Cardinal Mark

Follow the marks...

Not crayfish pots - these are crab pot buoys - marking the shallow water usually

Miss Behaving going under the Power Lines at Russell Island

Stephen and Lachlan on the roof as we approached Manly

The best “Admiral” a skipper could have...

Back to work...  for a while!